Award winning producer/engineer/musician Kamal M.Engels







on location Grand Piano recording with Cecilia Brandolini






video shoot for “Eyelids Bouncing”






choir recording with Deva Premal and Miten






backstage with Deva Premal and Miten

at the Powerhouse Brisbane






Captain Kirk at work on the bridge






Sydney Live gig backstage






Live Open Air Concert at the Crystal Castle

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Producer Kamal Engels has 25 years of production and engineering experience, giving him deep insight into the needs of the evolving or aspiring artist or the successful musician looking for new directions. In 2011 Kamal Grammy Awards Nominationproduced the album ‘Pure Sounds’ with the Gyoto Monks, which was nominated for a Grammy Award. This nomination follows years of awards from 1995 on and his success in selling some 750,000 albums of his own music worldwide and producing a raft of contemporary and world music artists. The personal touch that emerges from Kamal’s experience gives the hands-on approach to  his work as engineer and producer something firmly grounded in technical expertise. Kamal offers collaborative development should you be looking for creative support on that level, including a highly regarded insightful and intuitive capability in vocal expression and interpretation. In addition Kamal teaches as a lecturer for Mastering at the SAE Qntum Institute in Byron Bay.