Music Awards for Art Of Audio

Music Awards


    • 2013 MusicOz Awards finalist with 10 titles in 3 categories
    • 2011 GRAMMY Award nomination for “Pure Sounds” by The Guyto Monks of Tibet
    • “Dolphin Award” of the Australian Entertainment Industry NCEIA
    • 2006 Best Devotional Music (Subway Bhaktis/Sita Ram/producer)
    • 2006 Best Production/Engineering (Subway Bhaktis/Sita Ram/producer)
    • 2004 Best World Music (Tribal Trance Dance with Ariel)
    • 2004 Best Ambient/New Age (The Yearning/Reiki Whale Dreaming)
    • ”NAV Music Award” of the American Music Industry
    • 2002 Finalist for Best Meditation-Healing Album “Reiki Whale Song”
    • 2001 Best Production (Baby Baby)
    • 2001 Best Ambient-New Age Music (Enchanted World)
    • NAV Music Award” of the American Music Industry
    • 1999 Finalist for Best Meditation-Healing Album “Shamanic Healing”
    • 1998 Best Ambient-New Age Music (Shakuhaji Tales)
    • 1997 Best Ambient-New Age Music (Papillon)
    • 1995 Finalist for Best Song of the Year (Wintersdream)
    • 1995 Producer of Best Male Vocal (Mission)
    • 1995 Best World Music (Mosamba)
    • 1995 Best Production (Wintersdream)

In 2011 Kamal produced the album Pure Sounds with the Gyoto Monks, which was nominated for a Grammy Award. This nomination follows years of awards from 1995 on and his success in selling some 750,000 albums of his own music worldwide and producing a raft of contemporary and world music artists.

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Kamal M. Engels’ production of The Gyuto Monks of Tibet Pure Sounds (recorded, mixed and mastered at ArtOfAudio studios) was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2011, in the category of Best Traditional World Music Album.

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Kamal produced the album in early 2010 after inviting the Gyuto Monks for a recording session on Kamal’s latest album Zen Mama. It contains a rarely performed and never before recorded puja Jis Pai Bhum Chung or the Baby Puja. The album was taken up by New Earth Records for release and the label’s creative directors Waduda and Bhikkhu submitted it to the Grammys.

Pure Sounds was nominated together with four other contenders including previous Grammy winners Ali Farka Touré and Toumani Diabaté. Maureen Fallon, coordinator of the Gyuto House in Australia, the Gyuto Monks, Kamal and everyone at New Earth Records were very excited to receive this prestigious acknowledgement.


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