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Deva Premal and Miten, international recording artists
“One of the things we like most about our annual sabbatical in Australia is that we have the chance to record with Kamal Engels in his ArtOfAudio studio. We usually record all our vocal tracks with Kamal because we find him a master with voices. His care, attention to detail, and gentle, unobtrusive encouragement has helped us create some of our best music. We highly recommend him to anyone with an interest in the pursuit of perfection, especially with regard to the recorded voice.”
Terry Oldfield, performer, composer
“Kamal has a depth of knowledge of music composition, engineering and editing that is world class. He is a talented musician and sound engineer with a wealth of experience. Kamal is also fresh and easy to work with making his employment a joy.”
Steve Russell, Independent Music Professional
“Kamal Engels runs a beautifully equipped studio in the Byron Shire hinterlands. Just driving there puts you in the right space to play music. As a fine musician and composer himself, Kamal knows exactly what you need to deliver your best performance, and his broad knowledge of music and sensitive ears equip him to do beautiful mixes. I recommend him enthusiastically.”
Yeshe Reiners, Independent Music Professional
“It was always a great pleasure working with Kamal on my two solo albums as well as on several other projects. He has great knowledge in his field and is always 100% reliable. I highly recommend him.”
Chryss Carr, Director/Snr Publicist at AUM PR Marketing & Creative

“If you are looking to record an album in Byron Bay then checking out Kamal’s studio is a must. A place of creation and inspiration and a man with an ear worth hearing.”

Nyck Jeanes (Subway Bhaktis)
“Over some 10 years now I have worked with Kamal on 4-5 projects, recorded nearly 40 tracks to completion, and in the process found a dear friend and creative partner. Kamal’s expertise is second to none. His attention to detail, his ability to stay on the cutting edge of technology and the musical ‘philosophy’ of recording is exemplary. But more than that Kamal is a very fine and refined musician in his own right, a creative force and an inspiration. His ability to work with vocals in particular stands out. And all this …here! In this stunning environment. Recommended absolutely!”
Kevin Couch, Director Oreade Music

“Oreade Music had the pleasure of working with Kamal for a number of years. We would highly recommend him to anyone who is interested to work with his music. In addition to being a highly talented musician, he is a real plaesure to work with. He lives up to any commitments made and is very fair and clear in communications.”

Miss Renee Simone, singer, performer
“Kamal did the mastering on my first ever album ‘Blackbirds’. He was very helpful in guiding me through the process and the results were fantastic. I highly recommend him.”
Carl Cleves, singer, songwriter, The Hottentots
“I have recorded my CD ‘All alone’ in the studio of Kamal Engels. Kamal was a terrific person to work with and I can recommend his skills as audio engineer. Not only did he do an excellent job recording the tracks but mixed and mastered the CD as well. I have heard other work by Kamal where he works as a musician and producer and with his proficiency in so many areas he is a fantastic asset.”
Phil Chambin, SAE Byron Bay
“Kamal has a rare holistic approach to audio engineering. His skills extend well beyond the audio engineering and production aspects, making sure the clients are in complete comfort. It has always been great to have him teach our students his mastering secrets, and audio production in general.”
Parissa Bouas, singer, performer, voice coach
“I have worked with Kamal as a session singer and on my partners recordings. Kamal has a great studio, with excellent gear and he makes wonderful records, is easy to work with and is a terrific all round guy.”
Ilona Harker, singer, performer
“I was looking at different studios in and around Byron and Kamal’s studio really stood out. The sound and quality of his productions are of an exceptional high quality and I have no hesitation recommending him.”
Sharon Shostak, film maker
“Kamal brings profound technical detail and a wealth of experience to any project. His studio environment is a delight inside and out – magnificent views and spacious comfort for the tedium of long hours recording.”
Carmella Baynie, vocalist, voice coach
“Recording with Kamal at ArtOfaudio studios was not only aesthetically pleasing – given the spectacular location, it was also a smooth, easy, and inspirational process. Kamal has an easy- going and affable personality, coupled with a musical expertise and a wellspring of patience which really enables one to ‘dig deep’ into the creative resources to find gold! Kamal is a ‘singer’s producer’ He has a innate ability in finding and assisting the vocalist to access true tone, colour and emotional conveyance – coupled with meticulous attention to detail.”
Laura-Doe Harris, performer
“Kamal is an experienced professional with a great ear for detail. His studio uses state of the art technology and is a really pleasant environment to work in. Kamal himself is extremely thorough and yet relaxed and easy to get along with.”
Mookx Hanley, musician
“Kamal is an internationally recognised musician whose studio work is of the absolute highest standard. I am very pleased to recommend him to anyone who is serious about recording their music.”
Atmo Meyer, singer, performer
“Kamal is a master in his field. Professional, focused and sensitive. i enjoyed working with him and liked the outcome of the projects.”
Steve Oda, performer
“Kamal led the recording session with kind and focused direction. His sound recording expertise and facitlities are outstanding. I would highly recommend his skills without hesitation.”
Naren King, Crystal Castle Byron Bay
“Kamal is an impeccable technician who has come up with creative solutions to our audio needs for many years. He is a delight to work with and the results he gets are faultless.”
Kathryn Jones, singer, performer
“Kamal is a true professional in every sense and is dedicated to the finest quality work. He is honest and punctual and has his clients best interests at heart.I fully recommend him for his services.”
Sonam Rigson, singer, performer
“….this is a studio that makes me want to record, even if I have nothing to record….!”
Chinmaya Dunster, Music producer and composer on New Earth Records

“Kamal has proved himself over the past thirty years as a top-class composer, producer and musician. His taste and dedication to quality in everything he does is enviable!”