CD mastering and audio mastering with Art Of Audio
ArtOfAudio mastering provides more than just a technical solution to this requirement. Our priority is a musical approach to mastering music and to refine and polish the audio material on your CD as a whole artistic, musical expression. With today’s computer based tools it almost seems that anybody could master a CD to be “technically functioning”. But it takes the experienced ears of the mastering engineer combined with the skills of a trained musician to bring out the best in your music in the final product and adapting it to the requirements of a wide range of sound reproduction systems in day to day applications and environments.
cd mastering image
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A mastering session includes:

    • Transfer of source media to mastering workstation
    • Detailed analysis of the material provided
    • Removal of unwanted noise, clicks or hiss if required
    • Enhance the tonal balance and dynamics of the music for maximum sound quality in all listening environments
    • Editing and sequencing of the tracks (fades/cross-fades, song order)
    • Create a sonically balanced flow of the CD as a whole
    • Bit and sample rate conversion if required
    • Dithering and noise shaping
    • Reference CD-R for approvel by artist or label
    • Encode ISRC, UPC/EAN information (if applicable)
    • CD text encoding (if applicable)
    • DDP master for direct upload to manufacturer
    • 2 CD-Masters for CD production, red book-compatible CD-R with PQ coding and CD verification sheet
    • 192kbps mp3 files including cover art are optioinal
    • All mastering by ArtOfAudio is MFiT-Mastered for iTunes certified.

Mastered for iTune MFiT